Although the owner

Hey my friends,

I need to tell you that i have no enough time for LogoOff anymore. So I decide to sell this community..(the buyer does not yet exist but as of this moment the community is on sale for $ 200)

I come to a point from where i can't thrive personally in this project. Some new projects are opened, for me is personal advancement opportunities in management and cope with new tasks.
I learned so much from online friends here and met many interesting people, friends.

Thank you all,

Boris Jenicek
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Announcements / Re: Happy Birthday, Boris!!!
« Last post by rocknroller on 02-08-2014, 09:58:00 »
Thank you very much, friends!!  :grin:
Announcements / Re: Happy Birthday, Boris!!!
« Last post by Ronald on 31-07-2014, 04:44:30 »
Happy Birthday Boris 
Announcements / Happy Birthday, Boris!!!
« Last post by Skhilled on 30-07-2014, 14:45:15 »
Be careful not to look for too many women.  Devil :ninja:
How To / Re: How to download LGF Mod ?
« Last post by WarReda on 20-05-2014, 08:03:43 »
Someone help me please ?
How To / How to download LGF Mod ?
« Last post by WarReda on 19-05-2014, 06:16:20 »
Thansk .
- Hizmetci - / Re: HuuHuu 2.0.6
« Last post by Skhilled on 27-03-2014, 12:36:18 »
Sorry! Have been very busy.

You have missing images in the main menu:

The Admin menu text is very small...could be a bit larger.

The colors remind me of Ubuntu Linux.  :grin:

When I veiw a topic I get 6 errors in Display.template.php:

Code: [Select]
8: Undefined index: karma
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 376

8: Undefined index: online
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 292

8: Undefined index: website
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 280

8: Undefined index: can_view_profile
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 275

8: Undefined index: has_messenger
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 264

8: Undefined index: posts
File: /home/docskill/public_html/lgf/Themes/huuhuu1/Display.template.php
Line: 252

I will test OnePiece Theme tomorrow. :)
- Hizmetci - / Re: One Piece Team
« Last post by Hizmetci on 15-02-2014, 19:38:35 »
I thought i was reply on this before.. hmmm

Nice theme :)
Tnx.  lol
The link for the demo is not working. But my son Loves watching that show. LOL

I will give it a test soon.
Loves watching that show : Tnx  cool
- rocknroller - / Re: Working on new theme = Gamer
« Last post by rocknroller on 15-02-2014, 13:09:18 »
thanks Maxx! I am not complaining.  ;)
- rocknroller - / Re: Working on new theme = Gamer
« Last post by Maxx on 14-02-2014, 00:35:00 »
Looking real Nice there Rocker, How you doing Bro... Hope all is good your way! :)

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