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Windows 10: Cool Cortana ...How To Use Multiple Deskt...SlimDrivers - How to find...themer dark lightHappy Birth Day Crip (Jef...Windows 10 comes with man...How to Create an Online S...Xara Photo & Graphic Desi...as these edict line in cs...SMF 2.1 Beta 2 releasedHow To Make a WordPress W...How To Make A Forum In Wo...Sade - The Sweetest Taboo...Sade - No Ordinary Love Xara Website Basics Part ...Video Setup: MyBB Forum I...

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How To Forums (General) / Windows 10: Cool Cortana Voice Commands
« Last post by Maxx on 23-08-2015, 00:09:04 »
Windows 10: Cool Cortana Voice Commands

How To Forums (General) / How To Use Multiple Desktops In Windows 10
« Last post by Maxx on 17-08-2015, 13:30:55 »
How To Use Multiple Desktops In Windows 10

Please Note that this application mentioned above works, but once you finish using it you may waht Un-install it and the other app that comes with. Because pop up ads! But the Driver App is good~!

Free Themes Support / Re: themer dark light
« Last post by Maxx on 16-08-2015, 02:02:57 »
That theme was fron Diego and his site is here at this url:
Code: [Select]
But note it may be a paid them, I'm not sure.!

I found a Great Program application that, will Scan your Laptop or Computer for whatever Drivers Windows 10 could not find!

The Program is called SlimDrivers and can be found on Cnet.com , you need to make certain you get it there, so you don't get malware!.

I found 10 driver missing form my New Dell, and now it works like it should HD and all!
My main machine was missing the correct Intel CPU manager and chip-set

If you need AMD Drivers they Recently updated their stuff so you can get them directly from AMD @

Just click on the drop down menu at the top right side  "Drivers + Support"

Hope this helps, If I find more stuff I share it!

Make certain, you check all your Windows Settings, for Privacy Settings, their default settings may be set to share them with MS and 3rd parties!

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birth Day Crip (Jeff)!
« Last post by Kris on 11-08-2015, 16:47:10 »
Ditto. Gone but not forgotten.

I like to note that, these type times today are standard practices by most company and the biggest threat to share your privacy, may be that Phone you are replying on daily.

On the subject you Computers:

NOTE,  please We all need to get in the habit of, check all privacy  and security settings on all Updates to Any operating systems and or software of other sorts before we do anything, with them. and always beware of Free software and programs, and install with Custom settings, so not to install, junkware along with the free stuff!

Kind regards,
Windows 10 How To Stop It Spying On You & Logging Your Activity | Step By Step Guide

Windows 10 comes with many settings by default that will share you privacy.. So I post what ever I find to set things right!

Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress - 2015

Learn how to create an eCommerce website with an online store shopping cart in WordPress. Sell durable products and virtual products from your website. New features listed to give you an edge with web design in 2015. Full WooCommerce instruction. Beginner friendly tutorial.
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