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A little Follow up .. This Key Board seems to be made to work with the newer Windows Versions 8.1 and 10.
It has Most all keys to start up the Windows functions, that may be faster than trying, to look for them on the screen; such as the settings, search, browser home pages, sleep lock and media player ( with skip, next, and volume control and muck more, you can scroll the apps up, down, left and right with 2 fingers.

Now these feature are good  for touch and non touch screens, and you can use a mouse or not, it's up to you.

Note that the key  board is about 2/3 the size of the standard Key board, so you may need to get use to that ( N/p) so far... saves you reaching to the touch  monitor and keeps the touch screen clean!

You may run your Audio and Video equipment through your Pc or laptop to the Wide screen HDMI TV and use it for a remote control and keyboard as needed! 

I find this a must have not just for Wins 8 and Above , for any version from & up and very solid maid with low profile easy to read keys!

Best price Now is at Walmart! very reasonable! and you can visit there to test it out!

This Keyboard is Kinda Awesome, It does most evrything the touch screen does, without touching the screen :) and once you get use to the touch pad, you may want unplug that mouse! The keyboard side has many windows functions with one touch, and the size and wait of the complete unit is about 2/3s , the size of you typical Keyboard, has low prfile keys very easy to read.

Just plug and play... no setup stuff / no green buttons to sync. heavy duty AA  battery rated at 12amps.

I as many will give it a 4 ans 1 half stars!

If I find more info on this I will post it!

Please remember when you find something you want to buy, alway search the Web and compare pricing, read the reviews. and consider the shipping cost in the total price!

Belkin BE112234-10 SurgeMaster Professional 12-Outlet Surge Suppressor

The Belkin BE112234-10 12-Outlet Surge Suppressor provides high level security for your homes, professional workspots, high end AV equipment , laser printers, telephones, home-theater systems, everyday household electronics and all connected devices.  Advanced design elements of this Belkin 12 Outlet Surge Protector gives absolute protection for your all modern electronic devices from power surges, and spikes. This surge suppressor also provides a right-angle plug, a 10-inch cord, detachable cable-management that helps organize your cables, six AC block space outlets and sliding safety covers.  Surge protector offers telephone line (RJ11), coaxial and Ethernet protection (RJ45).
Belkin BE112234-10 12-Outlet Surge Suppressor:
  • Number of Receptacles: 12
  • Surge Energy Rating: 3960J
  • Compatible with high-end AV equipment and professional workstations
Logitech 920-003070 Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Control your laptop, desktop PC or even TV with the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 (920-003070). Using the Logitech unifying receiver, this Logitech Touch Keyboard has an ample wireless range. The K400 Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard (920-003070) features a large built-in multi-touch touchpad. In addition to providing a quiet typing surface, this Logitech Touch Keyboard is designed to be comfortable to use. The Logitech K400 Keyboard features a long 12-month battery life.
Logitech 920-003070 Wireless Touch Keyboard K400:
  • 10m wireless range
  • Large 3.5" built-in touchpad
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • 12-month battery life
  • Comfortable, quiet typing
Please note, Search the web for the best Price some go as High $50, and other 's sell it for 35 bucks. sa a 4 and 1 half star rating!

General Discussion / Re: Old theme 3007
« Last post by Maxx on 06-03-2015, 23:36:47 »
Say Friend Thanks for letting me know and good luck with the, site! come back and let know so I can have look see!

 Link is down lower on the page for the theme zip down load button :)
General Discussion / Re: Old theme 3007
« Last post by NCSurfer on 06-03-2015, 22:25:33 »
thanks so much. I didnt see the theme but the LGFMod link worked. I actually found the theme, cant believe it was still on this computer, and installed fine. Im going to see if I can get the Mod to work and will let you know.


UPDATE: The theme and MOD loaded fine, everything seems to be working. I'll post a link to the site once Im further along. the old site I had it on was taken down a few years ago.
General Discussion / Re: Old theme 3007
« Last post by Maxx on 06-03-2015, 20:48:06 »
Lets see if you have better luck with it: hope these links work!

 3007 Logo  Uploaded by  rocknroller 24-03-2012, 22:24:40 3 downloads    3007 v1.21 Theme  Uploaded by  rocknroller 24-03-2012, 22:20:34 15 downloads 
General Discussion / Re: Old theme 3007
« Last post by Maxx on 06-03-2015, 20:44:37 »
Still trying I found one but installed it it does parse the css file, I saw somewhere that you had a site up with this theme?

still at it though!

General Discussion / Re: Old theme 3007
« Last post by NCSurfer on 06-03-2015, 06:15:22 »
OK, sounds great. Thanks
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