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Earl Lloyd, the first black player in NBA history, died Thursday. He was 86.

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You Made a difference :)

Content Management System (CMS) - ASP.Net, MS SQL - DotNetNuke DNN - Overview - Part 1 of 2

Content Management System (CMS) - ASP.Net, MS SQL - DotNetNuke DNN - Overview - Part 2 of 2

How To Popular CMS | Blogs | Forums / How To Install phpBB
« Last post by Maxx on 27-02-2015, 14:56:05 »
How To Install phpBB

How To Graphics / Searching for Colours or shades
« Last post by Maxx on 25-02-2015, 22:36:44 »
Don't get lost in all the magic of color combinations:
I love theme that blend carious shade and tunes of one !
It can be very pleasing to the eye of you visitors!
Blends are real cool!

Code: [Select];_ylt=A0LEViS6OO5U6csAM_8nnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0dmRibmhwBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMV8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&va=color+shades&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

To much contrast in colours can be a distraction and almost frustrating when browsing a site!
Too bright or too dark Not good, sun glasses and night vision classes not need!
hope this works for you!

Bootstrap Froums / MoernBB and Luna
« Last post by Maxx on 24-02-2015, 20:38:40 »
ModernBB is a board software, release onder the GPLv3 license. It's great software to use if you want an easy to integrate forum for your website. It's designed to be fast, easy and modern.
ModernBB is a forum software project that is a reaction on the FluxBB development's slow progress. We started with FluxBB 1.4 as base to bring back the ranking system with all improvements and bugfixes from the 1.5 series. The result was the very nice ModernBB 1.6 branch. Through after that, we started working on ModernBB 2.0, our first "real" version. This was a major update to the software, most focus was on moving the ModernBB Core to Bootstrap, something we only succeded at in 2.2.
ModernBB 2.1 through was a great step forward on design, bringing an all new design to the table, something great, something you haven't seen before. ModernBB 2.2 improved this design, giving it a faster and more modern look with fresher colors. Except for the design, slowly, more and more awesome features found their way to ModernBB. Through you could say, that the ModernBB 2.x series was more of a playground to make the ultimate jump:
ModernBB 3 was a major update, through mostly "under-the-hood". It was mainly focused on improving existing features: we kicked out the old editor and replaced it with a nice WYSIWYG editor, Kindness joined the fun, the Backstage was seriously improved, major improvements to the parser, etc. We ccan go on for a while. End users wouldn't see much of a difference, through the difference is realy there, bringing an more advanced ModernBB to you, that's more modern then ever. But we where not done yet.
ModernBB 3.1, in fact, was more of a sneak-peak at what we had in our mind for ModernBB 3.2. It was an intrim release and brought a very nice new topic view with a much more modern look. Something the whole forum software soon would be benefiting. ModernBB 3.2 adopted this new design language for every other page, improving small thing like breadcrumbs, up to big thing like the profile. Result is the most beautiful forum experience you can get.
However, a beautful forum experience is pointless when you can't change its looks. And that's what our main focus was in ModernBB 3.3: seriously improving the style system to make it more easy to change the style and design of ModernBB to whatever you wanted it to look like. The Backstage was majorly improved, too. With it's brand new design and more customization options. ModernBB 3.4 followed the same month and brought all-arround updates to the board, improving the system prety much everywhere. 3.4 would later enjoy another 2 minor feature updates. The 2nd update was released together with ModernBB 1.7, the final ModernBB 1.x update which also included small new features.
With Luna in development, we didn't stop delivering updates to ModernBB. ModernBB 3.5 was the first proof of this, delivering new features and improvements. However, the release rate did drop, as most focus went to development of Luna. ModernBB later got an update to version 3.6, of which the preview was released together with the first preview for Luna.

Compare the features of ModernBB 1, 2, 3 and Luna 1.
FeatureModernBB 1ModernBB 2ModernBB 3Luna 1
General and requirements
Latest versionv1.7.0v2.2.3v3.7.0v0.3.1
Core versionv0.0.17.185v0.0.22.973v0.0.37.2592v0.3.3802
Latest release date02.08.'1418.03.'1408.02.'1520.02.'15
Programming languagePHP 4.4PHP 5.0PHP 5.1PHP 5.2
Upgrade fromFluxBB 1.4.0FluxBB 1.4.0FluxBB 1.2.0ModernBB 3.7
UTF-8 supportYesYesYesYes
HTML5 compliantNoYesYesYes
Password hashingSHA1, MD5SHA1, MD5SHA1SHA1
IPv6 supportYesYesYesYes
GZip outputYesYesYesYes
Bootstrap versionNonev3.0.3v3.3.2v3.3.2/3.3.4
jQuery versionNonev1.10.2v2.1.3v2.1.3/3.0.0
Font Awesome versionNoneNonev4.3.0v4.3.0
MySQL(i)v4.1.2 and upv5.0.1 and upv5.0 and upv5.0 and up
MySQL(i) InnoDBv4.1.2 and upv5.0.1 and upv5.0 and upv5.0 and up
PostgreSQLv7.0 and upv7.0 and upv8.0 and upv8.0 and up
SQLite 2.xYesYesYesYes
SQLite 3.xNoNoNoNo
Browser requirements*
Internet Explorer6 and up8 and up9 and up9 and up
Firefox3 and up23 and up29 and up33 and up
Chromium4 and up28 and up35 and up39 and up
SafariNoNoNo7 and up
Windows RT8 and up8 and 8.18.1 and up8.1 and up
Windows PhoneNo7.8 and and up8.1 and up
iOSNo6.1 and up7 and up7 and up
AndroidNo4.0 and 4.14.3 and up4.4 and up
Management and Backstage
Clean interfaceYesYesYesYes
Maintenance modeYesYesYesYes
Admin notesNoNoNoYes
Ban usersYesYesYesYes
1-step forum creationNoYesYesYes
Build in back-up systemNoYesYesDisabled
Create new usersNoYesYesYes
Check for updatesManualAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Cache update check resultNoNoYesYes
1-click update installNoNoNoPlanned
Advanced style managementNoNoYesImproved
Optimize and repair tablesNoYesYesYes
Clear cacheNoNoYesYes
Language based default time and dateNoNoYesYes
Personizable copyright noticeNoNoNoYes
Back to topNoNoNoYes
Warns when install.php existsNoNoYesYes
Comes with the latest security fixesNoNoYesYes
Warns when config.php is writeableNoNoNoYes
Forum features
Editor interfaceNoYesYesYes
Smart editorNoNoPartialYes
Realistic post previewNoNoYesYes
Mark posts as reportedNoYesYesYes
User ranksYesYesYesYes
Group based permissionsYesYesYesYes
Disable statistics on frontpageNoNoYesYes
Last active topic on frontpageNoNoYesYes
Advanced menu systemNoNoNoYes
Disable default menu itemsNoNoYesYes
Show redirect screen for every actionNoYesNoNo
Soft deleteNoNoNoYes
Embed videosNoYesYesYes
Sub- and supscript supportNoYesYesYes
Syntax highlightingNoNoNoYes
Inline code supportNoNoYesYes
Changeable emoji sizeNoNoNoYes
Search from every pageNoNoNoYes
User searchYesYesYesYes
Simple search modeNoYesYesYes
Disable advanced searchNoNoYesYes
Topic searchYesYesYesYes
Author searchYesYesYesYes
New post viewYesYesYesYes
Unanswered post viewYesYesYesYes
Subscribed post viewYesYesYesYes
Registraion and login
Use frontend design for loginYesNoYesYes
Login everywhereNoNoNoYes
Clean registrationsNoYesYesYes
Disable registrationsYesYesYesYes
Registration notificationYesYesYesYes
Email validationYesYesYesYes
Registration termsYesYesYesYes
Simple login formNoYesYesYes
Cookie barNoNoYesYes
First run experienceNoNoPartialYes
View own profileNoYesYesYes
Modern profile designNoNoYesYes
Clean settings interfaceNoYesYesImproved
Avatars in user listNoNoYesYes
Extended help pageNoNoYesYes
Social networksAIM
No defaults
Full Backstage Bootstrap themeNoNoYesYes
Advanced style systemNoNoPartialYes
Consitent constantsNoYesYesYes
ModernBB 2 compatibleNoYesNoNo
ModernBB 3 compatibleNoYesYesNo
Luna compatibleNoNoNoYes
Style API versionv1.7.0v4.1.1v5.2.0v6.0 Preview
Default design
Default designAir 2.0
Earth 2.0
Fire 2.0
Random 2.1
Awesome 2.1
Radical 2.1
Random 4.1
Awesome 4.1
Radical 4.1
Kind 4.1
Magic 4.1
Luna 4.1
Happy 4.1
Shy 4.1
Pinkie 4.1
Sunrise 0.3
Sunset 0.3
Random 5.0
Responsive designNoYesYesYes
FeatureModernBB 1ModernBB 2ModernBB 3Luna 1
FluxBB 1.5.8 released  It is my pleasure to announce the long-awaited release of FluxBB version 1.5.8.Security fixThis release fixes a minor security issue in install.php. The installer could be tricked into loading and executing any file named install.php. Abuse of this vulnerability could have only been possible in combination with other security issues that would have allowed an attacker to create files with that name.
If you want to stay on the safe side no matter what, just delete your install.php file by hand or do it from the admin panel after the upgrade.Anti-spam addonsAs a special present, we made it super-easy to install anti-spam modifications by providing a few hooks where these modifications can hook into. All you will need to do to install this new generation of anti-spam tools is to copy one or two files into certain folders of your FluxBB installation. We hope this change encourages the community to create a broad range of more diverse antispam tools, so that spammers will hit unpredictable obstacles when targetting FluxBB. As an example, I have created a modification that adds Google's new reCAPTCHA system to your registration page. Expect more documentation in the next days.
      FluxBB is fast, light, user-friendly forum software for your website.  FluxBB is designed as a lighter, faster alternative to some of the traditional feature heavy forum applications. It is easy to use and has a proven track record of stability and security making it an ideal choice of forum for your website.
  • Supports PHP4 & PHP5
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Open-source (GNU General Public Licence)
  • Clean admin interface
  • Flexible permission system
  • Lots of community modifications
[ Full feature list ] [ Tour of FluxBB v1.5.8 ]
                The current stable release is FluxBB v1.5.8.
Buying Operate Maintain / Windows 10 need to know Information!!
« Last post by Maxx on 21-02-2015, 15:07:09 »
Before you try to upgrade or test the Windows 10 preview...Warning!

You need to Do a complete backup and recover disk of your Windows 7 and 8 - 8.1.
this is the only way back at this time!

If your up grading from earlier windows version, please visit the Windows site, you should really go there before doing anything.

If you back up and decide to upgrade to Version 10, then the upgrade will give you the option to keep all you Docs and settings, even the desk top, as is. so read with care during the upgrade process.

You could also install it on a secondary hard drive, like I did, the HDDs are getting cheaper everyday. although I only use Western Digital now days. cost a bit more but good solid units.

I used the Windows 10 for several months and It started lagging, and getting stuck on stupid, several times, It was also collecting many infections  and some I could not find unless I scanned the win 10 drive from my primary drive. Multi tasking works much better on Windows 7 for me!

I noticed today that Windows 7 is asking me to upgrade on shut down, so take care with that, you'll need to UN-check this from you upgrade options, ( Windows upgrade ) and check off those you wish to upgrade! like Win 7 or 8.1, security stuff for example! and driver updates!
More details as they come in>>>

Buying Operate Maintain / Why do Some run their Computers 24/7 ?? Not me!
« Last post by Maxx on 20-02-2015, 20:16:40 »
Unless you are on a commercial Network or have servers offering services, then why do this??

I have been working on and with computers and electronics more years than many have been on this Planet. I never let my PCs and laptop or any machines running unattended, unless I'm scanning them for some one that has many infections on their machines. And if I doing large file transfers!

Every morning they start up without fail, they scan the hardware and boot sector files and and defrag boot sector files, as should be. I don't even leave them in standby. Had many issue waking up the machines network and other issues had to reboot most every time on several machines testedd!

I would like to hear one good reasons why most people let their stuff on and unattended!

waste power, more then double ware and tear, leaves you open to infections malfunctions and possible damage to complete system from near hits from lightning and or power outages. and spikes!

Did you know that when lightning hits close by, it generates hundreds of thousand of Volts peak to peak ( RMS) to the commercial power lines at speeds upwards to 1/10000's of second that can possibly  go inside your machines?
This noise (AC) in nature. I even Have MOV serge protection on my power stripes, but I'm not gonna, let anything get to what I work so hard to build myself! The commercial power line act like a large Long wire antenna!

Those small MOV's can only take so much. The real protection, needs to be before the power enters you home or business on the income lines. this do able and will get into this later. But you'll need an electrician to do !

I know there are other way!

But that being said why let them run???

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